A subject of primary importance for the institution or company IT managers, is the digital user ID information security of the users under their management and the minimization of the risks which might be encountered in case this information is accessed by unauthorized persons. For this purpose, SecTrail has developed advanced user verification mechanisms presented as two different products.

SecTrail OTP

SecTrail OTP is presenting additional ID verification steps suitable to the data security policies defined by the companies or institutions, concerning the remote or local networks access by the corporate network users. The purposes of those steps are to check up on the user’s authenticity through secondary and more verification steps and, in this way, to prevent the use of captured or transferred digital user ID information. SecTrail OTP, which can be integrated with all the products providing virtual network access (VPN) services, has also many other characteristics such as soft token applications which create single use passwords on the mobile devices, sending single use passwords by sms or e-mail is another feature, password combinations that can be changed as required and also captcha is supported.

SecTrail HotSpot

SecTrail HS is used for the purpose of making the ID verifications necessary for providing wired or wireless access of the visitors who are at the institution or for the company premises for a meeting, for a short temporary connection. SecTrail Hotspot has the ability to record them in compliance with Law Nr. 5651. Functions such as SMS or e-mail based sponsor approval exists and also welcome screen can be changed according to the corporate identity. Self-service registration system for visitors and kiosk integration are also options / functions which are supported by SecTrail HotSpot. Furthermore, SecTrail HotSpot can integrate with the visitor databases of the programs which are being used by the security companies providing physical security to companies and institutions, is also supported by all vendor devices which support the radius protocol and provide wired- wireless network access.

The SecTrail HotSpot and OTP products which can be installed as Virtual Appliance, can also be installed on the Linux based server platforms (hardware). These products which have multi node active- active, active- passive cluster support, can be positioned according to Disaster Management Center scenarios, too.

The SecTrail OTP and HotSpot products do work on the permanent user licensing model and they can be installed on the same virtual server.


SecTrail Product Brochure (TR)
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