Mobile Device Support

SecTrail provides Soft Token Generator applications for IOS and Android operating systems which they can be found in app stores. Instead of sms delivery method for one time passwords, Companies would choose using SecTrail Soft Token Generator.

Daha Fazla

Secure and Reliable

SecTrail Gateways are always updated in terms of security patches and as a whole operating system architecture. Proven embedded firewall also protects SecTrail Gateways from intrusions and vulnerabilities.

Daha Fazla

Tailor Made IAM

SecTrail opens for any kind of customization in order to work with all user access devices, web portals etc…SecTrail includes three major module which can be rewritten for any kind of request;

Daha Fazla


Manage SecTrail with Handy and user friendly graphic interface

Check out whole ongoing operations

There are many components and tools to see whats going on SecTrail such as authenticated users, status of all external servers and services,statistics etc...

Wanna configure something on SecTrail

GUI provides the most easy way to configure items like defining a new SMS gateway, creating a new captive portal or integrating a authentication server.